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Hastings Middle School                                                                                                      July Issue
Tiger Connection

Important Information
 Welcome students, parents and guardians to the 2015-2016 school year at Hastings Middle School. We will have a lot of new faces this year at HMS. Mike Nanfito will be our new
Assistant Principal, Bethany Neuhart will be our new Librarian/Media Specialist, Mary Wolf will be a new Para, Stephanie Shaw will be our new 7th grade Social Studies teacher, 
Brian Itzen will be our new Health teacher, Sydney Paige will be our new 8th grade Science teacher, and LeeAnn Farrand and Michelle Schultz will be our new
Lifeskills teachers.
Find and complete the enclosed forms and return them on August 6.
We will host an informational meeting for all parents and students who are new to HMS. This
meeting will take place in our common area on Thursday, August 6, at 6:30 pm.  The school
On Thursday, August 6 all 8th grade students may pick up their schedules in the gym
between the  hours of 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM.  Student pictures will be taken (please see the
enclosed form), lunch deposits may be made, and paper work turned in.
On Thursday, August 6 all 7th grade students may pick up their schedules in the gym
between the hours of 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM.  Student pictures will be taken (please see the
enclosed form), lunch deposits may be made, and paper work turned in.
On Thursday, August 6 all 6th grade students may pick up their schedules in the gym
between the hours of 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM.  Student pictures will be taken (please see the
enclosed form), lunch deposits may be made, and paper work turned in.
Parents, please have your students wear clothing for school pictures that follows
the dress code.  If the dress code is not followed, pictures will have to be re-taken
for the yearbook.  Students should not be wearing hats, sunglasses, low cut
tops, or spaghetti strap tops.  Thanks for helping us out with this.
The Booster Club will also be at the Middle School on August 6th selling merchandise from previous years along with new items for the 2015-2016 school year.
Get ready to buy your 2015-2016 60-page, FULL COLOR yearbook when you come on August 6.  We will have a table set up in the commons area.  Take advantage of our early- bird pricing and get your yearbook for only $19.00!  Payment must accompany order.
Opening Week Schedule:
Thursday, August 13                  HMS Open House 6:30-7:30  
Friday, August 14                       Seventh and eighth graders only from 8:10-3:35 
Monday, August 17                     Sixth graders only from 8:10-3:35
Tuesday, August 18                     All students report 8:10-3:35
Students will report to their homeroom after doors are opened at 8:05 a.m. on the first day.
For the 2015- 2016 school year classes will begin at 8:10 a.m.  We ask that students not
arrive at school before 7:50 in the morning and leave immediately following their last class
unless directly supervised by a teacher or coach.  All students must leave the school grounds
by 3:50 unless directly supervised.

REGULAR SCHEDULE                                   8:10 - 3:35
WEDNESDAY SCHEDULE                              8:10 - 2:34
OPENING WEEK SCHEDULE                        Regular: NO Hot Weather Schedule for HMS
SCHOOL LUNCHES will be $2.85 per meal. Extra helpings and a la carte items will be charged to the lunch account and cost extra.  Please discuss with your child that money deposited in their lunch account be used as intended.  It is the student’s and parent’s responsibility to understand
and determine the spending within their account.  If the account is low then extras and a la carte
items cannot be purchased.   Students will use their student ID card that has a barcode that is
swiped.  The barcode will record lunch purchases and determine the balance in the student
account.  Lunch account deposits may be made each morning prior to 8:10.  Deposits may be
made in any amount (weekly, monthly or a particular dollar amount).  REMEMBER that all extra
items will be charged directly to the student lunch account.  You can keep track of your child’s
daily purchases on Powerschool.
ID CARDS – All students will be required to wear their student ID cards. Two free student
cards will be provided to each student.  If those are lost, replacements will be available to
purchase for $2.00.  The ID cards are used for lunches and to check out materials in the library. 
We believe it is also an important safety feature for every adult to be able to identify
every student.
7TH GRADE PHYSICALS - All students entering the 7th grade in Nebraska schools need a
physical examination.  This is a requirement mandated by state law and must be obtained
before the first day of school.  Parents have a right to object to this medical exam; if they
wish to object, a waiver form must be signed and dated.
IMMUNIZATION - All students who have waivers on file for required immunizations will need
to update their immunization status or bring in the physician signed medical waiver or notarized
religious waiver BEFORE attending school.  The Adams County Immunization Clinics are
scheduled for the first Thursday of every month from 1:00-5:00.  You must call for an
appointment.  These are held at the South Heartland District Health Department at 606 N.
Minnesota.  A parent or guardian must be present and donations are gratefully accepted.
SPORTS PHYSICALS - All students who plan to participate in interscholastic athletics must
have a physical examination and the necessary forms completed BEFORE participating in any
practice.  These forms may be picked up in the school office.
PARTICIPATION IN ACTIVITIES - We encourage participation in activities at HMS.  Volleyball, football, basketball, cross country, track, wrestling, music, band, and intramural sports, are great opportunities for students to be an active part of their school.  To participate in the activity program and get a real bargain for admission to games a $35.00 ACTIVITY TICKET MUST BE PURCHASED.  This may be purchased when you bring your completed information in on August 6. These activity tickets are also good for admission to Senior High events. 
Low-income families may request an application for activity ticket reduction.
If you shop at Allen’s please save your receipts after September 1 and send them with your
child to school.  We receive some refunds from Allen’s in order to purchase a few extra supplies
and materials.   Also, please save your Box Tops for Education.  These two programs can bring
in hundreds of dollars that provides things for our school and students.  This past year we were
able to purchase technology equipment and supplies for a middle school garden with the proceeds.
The school will provide each student with an assignment book free of charge.  Additional books
are $5.00.
Worried about shopping for school attire or making unnecessary purchases?  Maybe these
guidelines from the HMS Handbook will help with the decision-making process.  The following
items may NOT be worn or brought to school:
       •Mesh Shirts (unless a shirt is worn underneath)
       · Spaghetti strapped shirts and/or midriff shirts
       ·Gang attire or clothing that is associated with a gang
       ·Clothing which is offensive racially, sexually, etc.
       ·Torn or ripped clothing
       ·Wallets with chains attached to them
       ·Laser lights
        ·Short shorts or cutoff jeans
        ·Sagging or oversized pants
        ·Clothing promoting drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
Middle school is an exciting adventure.  We hope this letter helps you get off to a great start. 
We’re looking forward to meeting students and their parents this fall.
Notebook or folders (whichever preferred by student)
Pens, pencils
1-2 Highlighters
Box colored pencils
Texas Instruments-30 Calculator (Algebra students only)
Box tissues for homeroom
2 Composition books
3 Ring binder
1” 3-ring binder, 2 packages of pencils, 1 college ruled spiral notebook (100 pgs. or more), 2 packages of notecards, 1 note card ring, pink, yellow, green highlighters.  These supplies will be left in the English classroom.
1” 3-ring binder for Reading
1 college ruled notebook, 1 composition notebook, folder, & 1 package of notecards (Science)
7th Grade
2” 3 ring binder (Science, English)
4 composition notebooks (English, Science, Social Studies, Reading)
3 spiral notebooks that are 3-hole punched & will fit in binders (Math, Music, English)
1 pocket folder (Reading- will stay in room)
Loose-leaf paper (Reading, English)
1 pocket folder (Social Studies)
1 set of dividers with tabs (English)
Pack of highlighters (English)
2 highlighters (Reading)
Pencils and pens
Colored pencils
2 boxes of Kleenex
1 glue stick and small scissors (Reading)
100- 3x5 white notecards (English)
Pencil bag with zipper
Red checking pens
Thin, water-based markers (NO PERMANENT MARKERS)
Colored pencils
3 spiral notebooks (1 each for Math, Music, & Explore Reading)
4 Composition notebooks (SS, Science, English, Reading)
Loose-leaf notebook paper
2 boxes of Kleenex
Trapper with zipper
2 extra large book covers
2-pocket folder (Linguistics)                 
College-ruled loose-leaf notebook paper
2 black Dry Erase Expo markers
Please replenish any item as needed throughout the year.
ALL STUDENTS will need 3-4 book covers (all books must be covered).  Book covers for math books need to be the LARGE SIZE.  Please do not purchase the adhesive-bond covers as it leaves residue on the books that is difficult to remove.  No wheeled backpacks, as they do not fit in the lockers.
There will be a Volleyball meeting for 7th/8th graders on August 14 after school, 7TH graders will be in the small gym and 8th graders in the big gym.  The first practice will be August 18th with tryouts the 18th-20th.  7th grade cuts will be made on the 20th and 8th grade cuts will be the 21st.  All forms must be completed and turned into the office and an activity ticket must be purchased in order to tryout for the teams.  There will also be a parent meeting on Monday, August 24th at 5:30. 7th grade parents will meet in the commons and 8th grade parents will meet in the MPR.  Volleyball camp for 3rd-8th graders is August 3-6 from 9:00-10:30am at the High School.  Cost is $30.00. 
8th graders will checkout equipment on Wednesday, July 29th @10:30 and 7th graders will checkout equipment on Thursday, July 30th @ 10:30.  Please be at your assigned checkout time. If you cannot check out at this time, inform your coach.  The first practice will be on Tuesday, August 18th.  Practice will be after school and will last approximately 2 hrs.  The team will meet on the Middle School football field.  This practice will be in helmet, football shoes, shorts and t-shirt, so it is important that you are at the football equipment checkout on July 29th & 30th.  There will also be a parent meeting on August 25th at 5:45. 
7th GRADE                                                                        8TH GRADE
Sept.  8  4:00    Adams Central H                                     Sept.  8  4:00  Adams Central A (A-B-C)
Sept. 10  4:00    Barr  H                                                    Sept.  10  4:00  Barr  A
Sept. 15  4:00   Westridge  A                                             Sept.  17  4:00  Walnut  H
Sept. 17  4:00   St. Cecilia  A                                             Sept.  22  4:00  Westridge  H
Sept. 21  4:00   Westridge  H                                             Sept.  24  4:00  Horizon  T
Sept. 24  4:00  Walnut  H                                                   Sept.  29  4:00  Holdrege  T (A-B-C)
Sept. 28  4:00  Lexington  H                                              Oct.  1  4:00  Westridge  T
Oct.  6  4:00  Columbus  H                                                 Oct.  6  4:00  Columbus  T
Oct.  8  4:00    Walnut  A                                                    Oct.  8   4:00  Sunrise  H
Oct.  12  4:00  Barr  A                                                        Oct.  12  4:00  Barr  H
7th GRADE                                                                 8TH GRADE
Sept.  8  4:00  Adams Central  H(A First)                  Sept.  8  4:00  Adams Central  A(A-B)
Sept.  17  4:00  Walnut  H                                           Sept.  17  4:00  Walnut  A
Sept.  22  4:00  Barr  H                                                Sept.  24  4:00  Kearney Sunrise  H
Sept.  29  4:00  Aurora  H                                            Oct. 1  4:00  Barr  A
Oct.    8  4:00  Westridge  A                                         Oct.  6  4:00  Kearney Horizon  H
                                                                                        Oct.  13  4:00  Westridge  H
Sept.  3  4:00  Cozad  A(golf course)                  Sept.  21  5:00 Hastings Invite  H(Brickyard)
Sept.  8  4:00 AC Invite  A(Elk’s)                        Sept.  24  5:15 Grand Island  A
Sept.  11 4:00 Aurora  A(golf course)                 Oct.  1  5:15 York  A
Sept.  15 5:15 Minden  A                                      Oct.  2  4:15 STC Invite  A(Brickyard)   


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