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Tiger Connection

A note from the Principal
It’s hard to believe that the 3rd Quarter is coming to an end and spring is just around the corner. Student-led conferences are coming up on Thursday, March 5, from 4:15-7:45 and on Monday, March 16, from 12:00-3:30. Parents will have a scheduled time to come with their child and go over what has been happening in the different subjects. All teachers will be available as well, if you have a specific question about something. The annual Book Fair will also be held during the Thursday night conferences. The Book Fair is run by the HMS Booster Club and all proceeds go towards the purchase of new books for the Middle School library.
Congratulations to our 8th Grade Band for being selected to play at the State Capitol Building on March 6. They are one of 10 schools who get to perform during Music Education Week!
On February 17 & 19, our Quiz Bowl teams all performed very well at the ESU 9 competition. The 6th grade Black Team ended up 2nd place overall out of 44 schools! The 6th grade teams were coached by Cody Oschner and Mary Beave. Our 7th & 8th grade teams also did an amazing job at their Quiz Bowl competition. All three of their teams were in the top 10, and the Black Team won the Championship! The 7th/8th grade teams were coached by Raleigh White and Jill Quandt. Congratulations to everyone!
We continue to work hard to educate students on the harmful effects of bullying. Much of the bullying that we see with students is now in the form of cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is when someone uses technology to deliberately and repeatedly harass, embarrass, or harm someone else. Research shows that over one third of students have experienced some form of cyber-bullying. Much of this occurs outside of school, but the effects of it carry over to school and can affect the learning environment.
Here are some tips that may help parents and students confront cyber-bullying.
  1. Set a code of conduct. If you wouldn’t say something in person, then don’t text it, post it, tweet it, etc.
  2. Ask your kids if they know someone who has been cyber-bullied. Sometimes they will open up about others’ pain before admitting their own.
  3. Establish consequences for bullying behavior. If your children contribute to negative talk online, tell them their phone and computer privileges will be taken away for a reasonable length of time.
  4. Keep online socializing to a minimum.
  5. Explain the basics of correct cyber behavior. Talk to your kids about how hurtful it can be in cyberspace to tell secrets, gossip, put others down, etc.
  6. Tell your kids not to share passwords or devices with friends. A common form of cyber bullying is when kids log in to another child’s email or social networking account and send fake messages or post embarrassing comments or pictures. Kids can protect themselves from this by learning early on that passwords are private and should only be shared with parents.
This information and more can be found at www.commonsense.org/cyberbullying.
As a reminder, if someone wants to anonymously report a bullying issue at Hastings Middle School, you can go to ms.hastingspublicschools.org and click on the bullying report on the left-hand side. The bullying report will be sent to the Middle School Administrators who will check into it.
The staff at Hastings Middle School is looking forward to a great 4th Quarter and appreciate the continued parent support. We hope to see you at conferences or an upcoming activity!
David Essink
6th Grade News:
Math-Sixth graders are working on geometry concepts.  They are studying
area, volume, perimeter, etc.  We will also keep practicing for the NeSA
Math tests using the Check for Learning program.
Reading- Non-fiction patterns of organization is the focus this month.  We
will also be looking at prefixes and suffixes.  The Reading NeSA test will
be March 30th and 31st.  Please make sure your child comes to school with a
good night's sleep and a good breakfast.
Social Studies-We will finish studying Roman Civilization and move on to
the spread of Christianity in the ancient world.
Science-We have moved into learning about sound and light energy.  Class
will include experiments with Slinkies, investigating the parts of a wave,
working with prisms as part of our study of the electromagnetic spectrum,
and building our fantastic sound instruments.
English-Students are studying adjectives and will move on to figurative
language and an informative speech.
7A News:
7A students are exploring the American Revolution in Social Studies and learning about patterns of organization, such as compare and contrast, time order, and problem/solution in reading. In math, students are getting ready to begin a unit in Geometry. They are working on genetics in science and  will be moving into a research unit in English.
7B News:
English:  In English class, your child is busy learning how to research.  They will soon be researching a legendary human.  Our final project will be to give a speech on their learning on the research process.   

Reading:  In 7B Reading we continue to prepare for the April NeSA-R.  Lately we have been working on non-fiction, text structures, and patterns of organization.  Our  February One Pager will be on a non-fiction book, but there will be a summary One  Pager completed the last week of February, as well.  They are due on the 27th.
8th Grade News:
Algebra:   Algebra students are finishing a unit on exponential functions and we will  begin our unit on factoring before 3rd quarter starts.
Pre-Algebra: Pre-Algebra students are working on setting up proportions to solve real  life problems.

Social Studies: In March, we will examine the United States' growing role in world affairs during the late 1800s and early 1900s.  This will include the Spanish-American War and Latin American policies during the Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson administrations.  Think U.S. soldiers on motorcycles chasing Pancho Villa through the countryside of northern Mexico on the eve of World War I and you'll be on the right track.
Do you like to give to community events? Do you work for a business in town? Would you like some free advertising? Would you like to increase fun and participation? We are seeking prize donations for the Night of Excellence! If you have anything you would like to donate, please contact Tiffany Opperman (topperma@esu9.org) or Michele Kimle (mkimle@esu9.org) at Hastings Middle School if you can help! Donations we have received in the past include: gift cards, basketballs, soccer balls, t-shirts, baseball hats, hair products, athletic shorts, notepads, fun pens, Sharpie markers, gift certificates, food certificates, etc…anything kids or adults would like!

**The Night of Excellence is on March 26 from 5-7 p.m. Please get us your donations ASAP! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH (IN ADVANCE) FOR YOUR GENEROSITY !


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